SoCal Dolphin Adventures is an Eco-Tourism company
located in
Dana Point, California (5 minutes south of
Laguna Beach). Our mission is to make the ocean and its
wildlife accessible to as many people as possible. We do
without disrupting marine life habitats. We seek
to educate through first-hand experiences of the beauty and
majesty of the ocean and wondrous marine life found there.

So, are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
Join us
for a coastal, speed-boat dolphin adventure like nothing
you've ever done before! During our tour you'll have the
opportunity to get an
up-close and personal encounter
with Southern California
dolphins, whales and sea lions.
And, unlike the big whale watching boats, we get to see all of
up close & personal. There are 100's and sometimes
even 1,000's of dolphins right off the coast of
Dana Point,
Laguna Beach and San Clemente
nearly every day.
For all of the  information and  details you will need regarding
our adventures, and to schedule your own personal encounter,
please visit our booking company  Zerve, Inc.  by  clicking  on
one of their links  on  this  page  or contact them by phone at
(800) 979-3370.  We  look  forward to having you out with us!
The Dolphin Adventure of a Lifetime!
Our Dolphin Adventures include:

•An Adrenaline Pumping Speed-Boat Dolphin Adventure

•Close-Up Encounters with
Dolphins and other Marine Life

•Plenty of Photo Opportunities to Capture Wildlife

•Intimate Group Sizes optimized for that Personal Experience

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Book your adrenalin pumping,
personal encounter today!
It's a fun, quick and exhilarating ride out there, which will
get your
adrenalin pumping! Our smaller, faster boat,
with a
seating maximum of 6 people means more time
with these majestic creatures and a
closer interaction
with them. You will come back forever changed after having
personal encounters with these awe-inspiring creatures.

Our customers always walk away with
smiles on their faces, and many times, after a
life changing experience with these special animals.

After cruising through the majestic Pacific Ocean and taking  
in its
breathtaking views of the Southern California coast
and Catalina Island, you'll come back to the mainland
relaxed and recharged, and ready to do it again!
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Or Call Zerve at (800) 979-3370
Our 2 Hour Adventure will thrill you as we take in the
beauty of the ocean and coastline while hoping to see
dolphins, whales, sea lions and more! Sometimes the
dolphin pods are 2 or 3 miles off-shore. With the full 2
hours to work with, it allows us to stay that much longer
and increases our chances of seeing lots of great marine
life. It also allows us to venture further up and down the
coast, up to 7 miles each way.

We are usually pretty fortunate to see a variety of marine
life like dolphins and sea lions, but because these are wild
animals we cannot always guarantee what we will see.

Our customers always end up loving the 2 hour adventure
because time flies when you're out there having fun and
we almost never want to come back in already!
Book your adventure today!
Booking in advance is required
and capacity is limited!
Be sure to check our calendar
for up-to-the-minute availability
NOT Your Average Whale Watching Cruise!
On most boats you are sitting
20 feet above the water,
and they're
slow and boring.
Not ours! You are 3 feet off the water!
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If you haven't already done so,
purchase a
Lifetime Membership
providing 1/2 Price Tickets
for your
entire party- for Life.
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That's Only $10 Bucks!
The Dolphins are right there,
nearly within reach!
And we bring out 6 passengers MAX,
providing a more
intimate encounter.
You are going to have the time of your life,
an adventure you will never forget,
on our safe & exhilarating
Speed-Boat Dolphin Adventure!
Join us for a 2 Hour Dolphin Adventure!